Movie Intros: Your Own Movie Intro in 8 Easy Steps

Whether you’re looking to attract a date or a new client, looking hot is so important. At UBMighty I’ve worked hard to keep my brand consistent and attractive at every stop. Yet, my new custom movie intro takes my branding to a whole new level.

I don’t say this to pat myself on the back, nor to say that my intro is the best thing since sliced bread. It’s just that in this ultra-competitive world a professional quality After Effects movie intro like the one below can give you a real leg up.

That it only cost me $108 makes an image enhancing production like this affordable and within the reach of just about anyone. There’s simply no excuse for anybody, who’s trying to impress, to bypass this baby.

So, how did I do it?

Below, I’ll give you the steps I took to produce my cool movie intro. Maybe, you can do the same and rise above your peers.

1 – Find your template

I knew that customizable templates were available that could be quite impressive. I found my Adobe After Effects template at, but I also saw many nice ones on YouTube, when searching under “After Effects”. I paid just $8.

2 – Prepare your graphics

This may be optional for you, but my template required me to supply a logo image to be inserted. You may already have a logo available, or you can produce your own with your favorite graphics software, like I did.

3 – Find your expert

Ben Cleveland Meet Ben Cleveland, my expert. I found Ben on LinkedIn, after doing a local search for “After Effects”. I chose Ben because he was a film student and would be more likely to have time for me and my project. If you like his work, as I do, Ben is available for your video productions.


4 – Craft your offer

Cost was a concern. since I’m only working part time, due to my stroke. I knew that anything over $100 would cause me to shelve the whole project until later. So I decided to offer $50 and hope for the best. I also offered to give a LinkedIn recommendation, feature Ben in a post, and include him on my About page as a contributor. I tried to provide value in a form I could afford – my time. I wound up paying an affordable $100.

5 – Communicate often

Overall, it took some 18 emails over 2 weeks before I finally took delivery of my custom movie intro. I had to make the initial offer, buy and send the template and graphics, find out how to make payment, receive and comment on early renderings of the intro, actually make payment and notify Ben, and finally take delivery.

6 – Make Payment

I made 2 payments of $50 apiece, since I wasn’t able to cover it with one paycheck. One payment up front, one at the end. I paid Ben with PayPal which is quite simple to use. The project would have taken about a week if I paid sooner.

7 – Take delivery

This was the easy part. After downloading it from my gmail account, I had it up on YouTube 5 minutes later.

8 – Fulfill your promises

This post fulfills one of my promises to Ben. I’m thrilled with my movie intro, so I have no problem giving him an introduction. I’ll be recommending him on LinkedIn shortly and making changes to my About page. I might do more, I’m so happy. Ben is now someone I can turn to for future projects and someone I’ll promote.

Well, there you have it – my recipe for how to make a movie intro. With video becoming so important for those wanting to stand out, you shouldn’t withhold the few dollars it takes to make yourself look like a pro.

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